Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shomria Quilt -- continued

So apparently, the kid in charge of arts and crafts is not as enamoured with the quilt idea as I am. I have spoken to her several times but she has yet to come to find out what she has to do. In the meantime, I have finished doing the preliminary embroidery on 9 of the 18 patched piece seams...
I really do not want to do this quilt project on my own which would be defeating the purpose. I will give it one more try this weekend when I'm up at camp. If they latch onto the idea fine. If not, also fine.
Dee is encouraging me to finish quilting my onion quilt by myself. She did all of the quilting except the border and it looks amazing!! The border shouldn't be that difficult to do. And then bind and finish. Two years, not too bad... So maybe we'll pop over to her place this weekend and pick it up.
And then I have all these other projects under way or in planning. My mother just returned from Israel with Marty's ties which Ruthie sent. There are several hundred of them. I will make a quilt for Ruthie from them. But I won't get started on them until the fall. I want to finish the quilts from Inbal's fabric.

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