Tuesday, November 29, 2005

nothing to report

Things were somewhat busy today at work (legal secretary). We have several transactions closing in the next few days so I didn't have that much time to surf the web...
I kept counting the minutes until I could come home, go into my sewing room and do something creative.
By the time I left work, it was already dark outside and it had been raining all day and I lost my muse.
I will, however, now go to the sewing room and fondle the fabrics. Maybe I'll get inspired.
If only it was that easy to shake off my general lethargy and do something about my (non-existant) fitness level...

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I am in my mid 50's, have been married (happily) for 38 years, have 3 adult children who live an ocean away... By day I am a legal secretary. The rest of the time I play with fabric but I still won't run with scissors...