Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Last post, May 10th? I hadn't realized it's been so long. I do have a valid excuse, however. I had a very bad cold, sinuses, cough, etc. which totally zapped my energy. I came to work because Josh and I are alone in the office but I didn't last more than half a day each day. I'm finally almost better -- still the occasional cough, blocked head, etc. but much much better.

Friday afternoon we went up to camp. We usually go up the Victoria Day weekend, do some work and enjoy the surroundings. This weekend was raining, cold and miserable so scratch the "enjoy the surroundings". But we got our room set up so when Menachem goes up June 1st for the summer, we're all set. Our primary aim this weekend was to get the floor in the room next to ours (it's a duplex) painted. And we did. We also made an inventory of what needs to be done to have the room in good working order so that Ami, Menachem's brother who is coming from Israel to help him this summer, won't be roughing it too much.

We also did a few other things in preparation for our going up June 1st. But the weather was just plain miserable so we were out of there by noon on Sunday and home by late afternoon.

Monday morning, I got up bright and early because I wanted to finish Sari's chuppah. I got the ribbons and backing sewn on. I had hoped to take it with me in the afternoon to Sari's bridal shower but I need to put a few rows of stitching around the perimeter and on the fuschia bands so the backing is connected in the middle as well as at the perimeter and didn't have the right colour of thread. Never mind. Sari and David are in town next weekend for Yoni's bar mitzvah so we'll get together at some point and I can show them the finished piece. Quite lovely, if I do say so myself.

I would also like to finish the "auf simchas" crazy-quilt to give them for the wedding. I need to buy fabric to sew around the perimeter of that one too. I'll try to do that this week and take it and the embellishments up to camp so I'll have something to do in the evenings and also because I'm running out of time. While I'm at the fabric store, I have to buy material for curtains for Ami's room. Nothing fancy, but something to give him a little privacy.

My mother and Devora and Noam and Charles are going to Israel right after the bar mitzvah for two weeks. Mom and Charles will be staying with Inbal. I hope she enjoys them and isn't too stressed out about having them.

OK. Josh isn't here right now but I still have to get back to work.

And I'll try to post more often to keep myself on track.

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