Friday, June 16, 2006

Off to camp, again

If this is what my whole summer is going to be like, it's going to be hectic. So things may not be chronological but as I think of them.

I went into Fabricland to buy a backing for my Auf Simchas. I found a purple material, a shade or two darker than the border from Elsie's mother-of-the-bride dress. I sandwiched the cq and the backing with a polyester batting I had and used the backing as the binding. I had variegated purple-mauve thread and I just machine sewed two parallel rows of stitches to bind and sandwich at the same time. It looks fine but note to self: learn how to do proper bindings.

While in Fabricland, I saw this amazing trim with tassels in the colours of my cq class project. So I finished off the cq block and it looks pretty amazing.

So I am ready for next week's Show and Tell at the Pomegranate Guild. I have Sari's chuppah, the Auf Simchas, and the cq block finished and ready.
Now I can start on other projects and finish up a few WIPs and/or UFOs.

Flannel materials were on sale with patterns so adorable that I couldn't resist, so I bought three different metres to make receiving blankets. I hope the colours aren't too gender specific for whomever will receive them. I already finished one and will do the others next week.

I've booked my train ticket for today (Friday) at 12:20 so I'll only be in the office for an hour or so. Then down to Union Station and a 3.5-4 hour train trip to camp. We'll probably go out for dinner tonight -- Perth has some very good restaurants. And tomorrow, weather permitting, I think we're going to the Orchid Festival. There's a wetland area with natural setting orchids not far from camp and the height of bloom is around this time of the year and they hold a festival to boot. Sunday, I think I'll just relax at camp. Maybe finally venture down to the lake.

I'm thinking of photo transferring onto fabric a photo of the lake and embellishing, embroidering it.

And I really want to start on the quilts with the fabrics I have been collecting, so I won't feel guilty about buying more...

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