Thursday, June 01, 2006

Off to Camp

I may have mentioned that my DH, Menachem, is the technical coordinator for a summer camp. So today, we're off to camp. Camp doesn't start until July 2nd, but the camp is boarded up in the winter and needs to be reopened and the water, gas, electrical, etc. systems put in place. He is also supervising some construction work done by a local contractor. I usually go up with him for the first week or so, so that he isn't overwhelmed by the physical work and the administrative aspects. This year his brother, Ami, has come from Israel to give him a hand so it looks like the month of preparation in June won't be totally hectic and we may even have a chance to enjoy the lake and the area.
There's a town, Almonte, not too far from us (we're near Perth, Ontario) which has a textile museum. I haven't yet had a chance to see it although I've been in Almonte several times. But this time there is a crazy quilt exhibition on and I absolutely must visit it.
I've taken some cq work to do in the evenings. It's a six square navy/ blues and gold/beiges inspired by the ribbons and trimmings on Yoni's bar mitzvah invitation. I've already pieced it here because I'm not taking my sewing machine up to camp but I've taken a whole bunch of beads, embroidery threads, charms, silk ribbon, etc. and hopefully I'll be sufficiently inspired and not too tired to stitch on it.
When I get back, I intend to finish my "Auf Simchas". I am pretty much finished embellishing and now need to find a suitable backing, sandwich it (with polyester I already have at home) and find a nice binding to finish it off.
I'll be back in town on June 11th and then will go up to camp every weekend. I hope to have computer access but may not.

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