Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fast forward to the end of summer

It's been a long time, yada yada. Camp is over. Big sigh of relief.
So we've been home two days now. Menachem is recuperating from a very tiring time, both physically and emotionally. We've still got stuff to put away but are procrastinating. Menachem is getting his fill of internet, without dialup!! and watching TV.
I have been quilting. My sewing room is such a mess and I'm usually quite anal about putting it in order before I start working but not this time.
I belong to the Israeli Quilters Association and they are having a juried exhibition of traditional miniatures and I started working on an entry. The rules are no side bigger than 24", no fusing, gluing, etc. and if pieced with squares, maximum square size 4". I wasn't sure if the "traditional" applied only to the method of piecing or also to the patterns. So I have made 4" squares based on one of the patterns in "Stack a New Deck". Only I made enough for two small quilts. And I like it so much that I may just forego the exhibit and make it into a baby quilt.
Also on my design wall Inbal's robe quilt. I bought two pieces of fabric which I thought would be great for borders but Dee thinks they don't make the quilt "pop". So I am going to audition other fabrics, reserving the right to go with my fabrics if she can't convince me her way is better. Dee will be coming into Toronto this weekend and she's going to come over so we can play.
OK. Now that we're home and have lightning internet, I will try to post more frequently. And add pictures if I get the chance.

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