Sunday, August 26, 2007

Inbal's quilt top version A -- finished!!

Dee, my quilt "guru" came to visit yesterday. Hannah had an anime convention in Toronto and Dee brought her in for the weekend. We had previously planned to quilt last week up at her place in Perth, but she was pooped from her busy schedule and Menachem was itching to come home, so we postponed to yesterday. She was only at my place for a few hours, but boy, did I learn in those few hours!!
I had made two identical pieced lap-size quilt tops, sans borders. I had purchased fabric in Perth for the borders. Dee wasn't crazy about my fabric choices. I brought the fabrics home, put fabrics up on the design wall -- on one side, Dee's preference, on the other, mine. The more I looked the more I liked mine. So I decided to do one of each. In Dee's version, the borders are a continuation of the centre -- very busy, dynamic. In mine, the borders are very subdued.
Dee showed me how to do the borders and explained that part of my "wonky" results are due to some of the fabrics I'm using (not stable), my sewing machine (the foot moves around producing an uneven seam), the way I sew (I apparently push with my left hand and pull with my right causing distortion). Nevertheless, she got me started on the borders and today I finished Version A.
Next weekend, perhaps I'll tackle version B.
I will try to post photos in due course.
In the meantime, tomorrow I return to work after a week of being off. I am looking forward to it because my routine will be returning to "normal". I will have a definite time of leaving the house, definite plans during the day, and will be able to plan activities, including my quilting/embroidering/etc. accordingly.
I don't know if I already mentioned this, but I had started making blocks for a miniature quilt for the Israeli Quilters Association exhibit, but like the results so much that I am going to make more blocks and make a lap size quilt for myself/donation/gift, or something. I will probably work on cutting and sewing the blocks this week. It's a project I can do in small increments.
Anyways, Menachem shampooed the car upholstery in anticipation of returning the car at the end of the lease and I'd better go close the windows.

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