Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fuschia & Hot Pink Shadow Box Series

Posted by Picasa I am working on a series of six shadow boxes. Why six? Because I used the same pattern and "shuffled" the colours. The fabrics are family fabrics -- the whites are from family wedding dresses, the pink moire from a wedding dress and the fuschia and hot pink dupionni silk are leftovers from Sari's chuppah.
I have three finished shadowboxes (I will post more later) and one almost finished. I actually had it in the frame but decided one area needed a bit more... The remaining two blocks are seam embroidered and I'm working now on the motifs.

I signed up for TAST -- Take a Stitch Tuesday, organized by Sharon Boggon of www.inaminuteago.com but am having trouble keeping up. Each week, she demonstrates a particular stitch and the challenge is to work on it, in any medium -- sampler, postcard, cq block -- and post the results on our blogs, flickr accounts,etc.

I am amazed by the creativity of some of the challenge participants. I started using a postcard format but it is just too limiting. I think I will change to sampler format. I will do a few row of straightforward stitching and then "borrow" the ideas of others to complete the sampler. So far there have only been three stitches so I should be able to catch up.

We are going to Israel next week to visit the children. There have been many changes in their lives recently and these changes are going to be a challenge to all of us. I am hoping I can be a supportive parent.

I am going to try to make this a fabric related excursion, seeing as many textile exhibits as possible and discovering new fabric/textile/findings sources. And meeting some of my internet textile friends. I will try to post from there a travelogue of sorts.

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