Monday, January 08, 2007

Herringbone stitch

Posted by PicasaThe challenge was to use the herringbone stitch. This 4" X 6" format has four seams.
The top seam is done with a double herringbone stitch, couched over a piece of ribbon. The bottom row of stitches is gold coloured perle cotton (haven't learned the numbers yet) and the top is a velvet thread.

The bottom seam is burgundy DMC or similar thread, three strands and has a gold mesh type thread woven through the stitches.

The top and bottom stitches I prefer because they are very precise in their size and shape.

The right hand seam is done in a copper DMC -type thread. I tried to make the stitches random in their height and width.

The left hand seam is done in a ribbon like thead, don't know what it's called. I made these stitches short and very close together.

I went outside of my "box" on the left and right seams and I guess that is what the challenge is all about. I don't like the results.

However, from the results of the other participants, I saw some lovely ideas and may just give them a try.

So thanks to Sharon for getting us started and all whose ideas enrich my own stitch repertoire.

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Susan said...

Part of the fun of this challenge is going back and trying some of the things you see. We really need a week to stitch our own and then a week to play with other people's ideas!

I like the colors in your postcard sampler. I, too, tend to prefer things that march in an orderly manner, but I think you did a great job of going outside the box!

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