Friday, April 07, 2006

Equarelle's trunk show

Last night we drove out to see a trunk show of a fantastic fabric artist, Elaine Quehl, at the Mississauga Quilter's Guild. Before I get into the trunk show itself, I belong to the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textile. We have about 100 members and we usually have around 30 at a meeting. There were approximately 150!! members there.
I learned of Elaine's work while surfing the net for art quilts. Her website is, just in case anyone wants to check it out. She lives in the Ottawa region so the chances of me taking a course with her are slim unless she comes to our guild. So when I read on her website that she was coming to Mississauga, I made plans to go.
She brought, takeh, a trunk full of quilts and walked us through her personal growth in the world of quilting. On the web, her quilts are gorgeous, up close they're unbelievable. It was well worth the trip and inspiring.
Unfortunately, my inspiration will be on hold for a week or so until after Pesach (Passover). Wednesday night, is the first seder and starting tomorrow, we have to get ready. We are having anywhere between 18-22 people, that we know about. We have an open door policy so if someone calls and says their cousin/friend/stranger has no seder to attend, we say bring them here.
Fortunately, Menachem does most of the cooking (my mother brings her veal roast and although she said she wouldn't make any, compote, and my siblings bring salads, side dishes, etc.) So, Tuesday and Wednesday he will be making clear vegetable soup (he roasts the root vegetables in the oven first which makes them very tasty), knaidlach (a very light and fluffy version of matza balls which don't look like balls at all), his mother's gefilte fish, chicken, baked yams and potatoes, roasted vegetables and that's the menu so far. He often makes a delicious layered meringue cake as well but it depends on how he's feeling. It's hard for him to stand on his feet all day. I will try to take off Tuesday and Wednesday to give him a hand. He cooks, I wash the dishes and pots.
This weekend, my job is to make the house look like it's cleaned on a regular basis... Aside from regular cleaning (which I rarely do -- it's only dust...), I have the Pesach plates to take out of storage and run through the dishwasher (about 3 loads), enlarge the dining room table to accommodate the numbers, do a few tasks that aren't on my *cough, cough* regular cleaning schedule.
So that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

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