Thursday, April 20, 2006

Post matza stress

Ha ha. No such thing. I'm matzah'd out.
Can't believe it's been a week since my last post. Where did it go?
The second seder wasn't. Rachel and Adi came for dinner (i.e. leftovers)and it was a nice and quiet evening.
Last Friday, Good Friday, was a day off work. We did nothing. It was lovely. Rafi and Mintzy came for dinner (i.e. leftover leftovers).
Saturday we drove up to Perth. Discovered another breakin at moshava. No visible theft, no major vandalism. Still, it's annoying. Menachem met with our local contractor and the electrician about work to be done before camp starts. He fixed the broken lock on the chadar ochel and we took inventory of the dishes and cutlery. And when we went to Canadian tire to buy the new lock, I bought a unit to hold my beads. So now there all on the wall beside the embroidery thread and buttons.
Sunday, we went to visit with Dee and David. Dee showed me the quilts she's working on now. I didn't take in my quilt -- I figured she has enough to do without it. It's waited until now, it can wait a little longer. We came back Sunday afternoon.
Good Monday was a work day for me. But only half a day since we had a funeral to attend. On the way, we stopped in at Fabricland where there's still a draw for a new sewing machine. And I picked up a few meters of fuschia and dark purple duppioni silk to continue on Sari's chuppah.
Tuesday evening was the Hashomer Hatzair third seder at the Bloor JCC. Not too many participants, but it was nice.
Yesterday, we were invited to Ethel's for lunch. Bat and Sandy and Yunkie were also there. Considering the lady's going to be 90!!, she did quite well. And the food was edible... When we got home, we took the patio furniture out of the garage and filled the tires on my bicycle. Must use both soon.
Today was a regular work day. Before work this morning, I dug an old long skirt (black crepe material) out of the closet. I took off the waist band, ungathered the waist and am planning to regather and put a new waist band on it so I can wear it to Yoni's bar-mitzva do and Sari's wedding. Then all I have to do is get some sort of a top which will go with a black and gold shawl and/or several fancy black shirts. And I need new shoes -- flats but without holes in the soles... And a skirt to wear to shul. Oy.
Tomorrow is Friday already. No plans other than work, so far.
And then the weekend. I've got an itch to stitch. I want to work on Sari's chuppah, maybe quilt the baby quilt, turn the cq square into a wall-hanging, and be outside, if the good weather holds up (the forecast is, of course, rain).

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