Sunday, April 09, 2006


I have been busy doing neglected housework. The plan was to do the main floor (kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, front hall) yesterday and the upstairs 3 rooms and bathroom, and sublevel TV room today. How am I doing, you ask? I am pooped.
I started yesterday with the front hall. Cleaned out the hall closet, throwing away stuff which will never be used, putting away winter boots, hats, scarves, etc., washing the rugs (in the washing machine, thank you very much. If it isn't machine washable, it's very unlikely you'll find it in my house), and organizing the hall storage unit. Then the baskets on the three stairs up to the living room. I bought these lovely baskets so there's a place for Menachem's briefcase, papers, etc., my purse, lunch bag, etc. and the third one was for Carmit's purse, etc. when she still lived here. And it does keep the mess contained. Only recently, there started to be an additional buildup of books, papers, things. So that's all sorted.
Then I moved on to the kitchen. I wasn't going to do the whole empty all the cupboards etc. because when I do, I usually end up getting the top done and am too exhausted to do the bottom units. So this time I did the two units over the oven, the floor to ceiling pantry, and the bottom units. I was really only going to do the fronts of the bottom units and the kickplate under them, but I decided to do a thorough clean, also threw out stuff we don't need (three cans of beer -- neither Menachem nor I drink beer so who knows how long they've been here), utensils that are grubby looking, etc. So now the cupboards are clean. Did I mention that I dusted everything in the dining room, cleared off the top of the credenza so there'd be room for the three loads of Pesach plates I ran through the dishwasher?
By the time I was done, I was too tired to do anything else.
This morning, I cleaned the bathroom, sort of, I'll redo it on Wednesday, dusted the living room and wall unit, and washed the floors in the kitchen, hall, bathroom, living room and dining room. So when company comes, at least the areas they frequent will be clean.
Today, I still want to do the TV room, although I honestly don't know where to start. There are books and video tapes and crap all over the place. I rarely use the room. I have never liked it. It is Menachem's TV, DVD, video room. And it has the treadmill which doesn't work taking up half of it. Oy. I will just top clean, considering that only the kids will be going down there to watch TV. (and the adults all know I'm no balabusta)
I would like to get the upstairs done also, but I am not going to kill myself. If it happens, fine. If not, not. There's always Wednesday. I'm going to take the day off work so I can give Menachem a hand. He will have done most of the work on Tuesday anyways, but if I peel the potatoes, yams, carrots, etc. on Monday after work, it will be one less thing to do.
Anyways, if I'm talking, I'm not cleaning, right? So I'm off to tackle the upstairs hall bookshelves.

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