Saturday, April 01, 2006

Da veha again

It's been a few days since I posted. Things have been very hectic at work. I've been staying late hours so by the time I get home, I'm too tired to stitch.

I'm still debating how to finish the class cq block. I have a nice burgundy trim and an off white jacquard type fabric. I think I want to simply make a larger square using the trim around the block itself (I need to cover up edges and mistakes anyways...) and then the jaquard fabric which I may or may not embellish but probably I'll just sandwich the whole thing and then quilt the jaquard. Decisions, decisions.

We received our invitation to Yoni's bar-mitzvah. The invitation is very fancy and calligraphy done by Penina. The invitation has lovely fabric trim, three kinds!! in white and silver, and a silver tassel. The background paper was a silver-blue. I have already deconstructed (sorry Penina) and will now search for suitable silver, blue and complementary fabrics for a new cq project.

This coming week there is a trunk show at the Mississauga Quilter's Guild of a fantastic fabric artist, Elain Quehl from the Ottawa area. I am hoping to get out there to see it. Her website, in case anyone actually reads this blog (other than my family) is In my opinion, well worth the visit.

Tomorrow Menachem has camp-related meetings -- hiring committee and board meeting. I may or may not accompany him. Haven't decided yet.

Plans for today? None. I may do some stitching, may go domestic, may go out. Nothing firm yet.

I didn't get to climb stairs yesterday (too busy) so I may just try to make up for it today. Or not.

I am suffering from joggle forum withdrawal. Am trying to get into the flickr mode but not enamoured just yet. Did pick up a wonderful idea from Linda at for covered button embellishment.

Enough rambling for now.

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