Monday, March 27, 2006

Creative checklist

I don't really know how to say it in English but I guess what I mean is how far I've come along creatively since I started blogging.
First of all, the blogging sort of holds me accountable to "do" creative. I am inspired by work of others. I "borrow" wink wink ideas and even have some of my own...
I look at things differently. I see something someone else has made and instead of just admiring, say "hey, I can do that" and do!
I see materials (not just fabric material)in a new how can I use that? wouldn't that be great in a collage? light.
And although I still envy those who are more creative and talented than me, I have started considering myself creative and talented.
I've come a long way, baby!

Anyways, after patting myself on the back, back to my mundane life.

Last week I was at the doctor's for my annual checkup. My mother always says that she was perfectly healthy until she went to the doctor... So I'm doing the annual additional tests and hoping that I am perfectly healthy. Today was a test involving the drinking of a small ocean an hour before the test. Did I mention the not going to pee until after the test part? Who invented that one? Wait, I know. The same person who invented the breast flattening like a pancake test. I have a feeling that neither were invented by women...
Fortunately, unlike some members of my family who are worriers, I am not. So I don't wait anxiously until the test results come in. I'll worry if I get a call with bad news.

So this evening I am going to just relax.


Debra said...

I think you said it very well in English. I understand exactly what you're going through.

Good luck with the tests; I wonder if we who go to prevent problems will indeed be more successful than our mothers who only went too late?

abeautifulcraft said...

LOL you cracked me up with your medical test explainations. Oh how true with a mamogram squashing the life out of 'what's left' ....
I'll give you a pat on the back too, am sure you deserve it!

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