Monday, January 02, 2006

Embellishing Started

Yesterday was a very nice day. I had the whole day to dabble in embellishment and got a nice start. I did a little embroidery -- it's not my strong point, but I did some ribbon placement and incorporated some of the jewellery. I'm just waiting for the sky to brighten a bit so I can sit with natural light to work. I have the whole day ahead of me so I can work at a leisurely pace. Maybe this evening, I'll post a photo of what I've done so far.
Yesterday evening, ner shmini, last candle of Chanuka, we had a family get-together at my mother's house. It was very relaxed. The only "non-family" person was Charles, a former pupil of my father's. I say non-family lightly because since my father's death, he has been a godsend to my mother, visiting her often and helping her around the house. Charles is an artist and lives out of town. So he will often come into the city to visit art galleries, etc. and stay over at my mom's.
Charles is a real character. He is teaching himself Hebrew with such dedication, not to mention Jewish customs and culture. When he said to me last night "Siz shver tzu zayn a Yid", I knew we had to give him a Hebrew name. After much family debate, we dubbed him "Chaim".
I would like to make a quilt of one of his pieces of art, but I'm leaving that til later.
Off to embellish.

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