Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Machon Lemadrichei Chutz L'aretz

or in English, the Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad.

In 1968, I was very fortunate to spend a year-long study-work program in Israel. There were about 110 participants in the program that year. Over the years, I had lost touch with most of them, but about half a year ago, I got an email from the Machon that our group was reconnecting in cyberspace. In a relatively short period, from the original 20 or so whose whereabouts were known, we have managed to track down most of the group through the miracle of googling and emailing.

A website is in the works, people have been reconnecting with long lost friends and catching up. And a reunion is being planned for 2008 -- 40 years after our original stay in Jerusalem. And 2008 really isn't all that far away.

I just finished a lovely Skype conversation with Mo in England. I am starting to get quite excited about seeing these people. And to figure out how to plan the reunion so the plans meet everyone's expectations, we have plenty of opportunities to talk and reconnect one on one, and everyone gets their money's worth.

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