Saturday, January 21, 2006

Winter wonderland

I'm looking out the window and it's gorgeous. Everything is coated with a dusting of snow. If it's snowing, it means the temperature is hovering around zero so that's good. I may go out for a walk a little later. Since I've started the exercise thing, I don't want to lose momentum. And it's so easy for me to get lazy. I did the stair climbing at work on Friday too. Still huffing and puffing but getting to a higher floor before it starts...

I just ripped some stitching on the cq thing. It was a shell pattern crochet seam embellishment. It just didn't look right. I replaced it with some crocheted ribbon, not silk ribbon, the regular kind. Actually just a chain of crochet. The texture is lovely. I have been embellishing square by square but I think I will do all my ribbons, then my embroidery and beading and then buttons. Once the ribbons and crocheted cotton is down, it will give me a better idea where and what to embellish with embroidery and beads, I hope.

I also want to do some quilting today and tomorrow. I know that's what I said last weekend but I did get the baby fish quilt top done last weekend and maybe I can quilt it this weekend. I also have my swirly quilt to finish. I should just bite the bullet and get started on it. At least sandwiching it so it's ready for quilting.

My brother is doing the Haftorah at shul today. Since it isn't his or one of his kids' Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, I didn't really feel the need to attend. Also, I don't own clothes appropriate for synagogue services. The last time I purchased any shul appropriate clothing (i.e. a skirt or dress) was for my nephew's Bar-Mitzvah about three years ago. It's also the last time I wore a skirt. Another nephew has a Bar-Mitzvah in May. And then I have Sari's wedding in July. So I will have to shop. Or maybe I'll just buy some material that I would like to use in a quilt, sew a skirt for the occasions and afterwards cut it up for quilt squares. An interesting thought...

The past few weekends, I have stayed at home, just listening to the radio, sewing, reading, watching TV and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I don't know if it's the winter, my age, or what but I often prefer staying home to going out.

When we moved to Toronto I thought that I would do all the things I didn't do on a regular basis when we lived on the moshav -- go to the theatre, concerts, museums. Ha ha. I've heard maybe two-three concerts, visited one or two museums and seen very little theatre (in 18 years!) Not that I feel that deprived, but perhaps I should make more of an effort.

Enough musings for now. I'm off to sew and hit the snow.

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