Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Today was a very relaxing day. And very quiet. I know that people go to retreats where they do not speak for days. Well it's only been one day since Menachem left for Israel and there was one incoming phone call. But other than that it was just me, classical music on the radio and the stuff inside my head.

And the sun was out so I made sure to sit in front of a window, embroider and bask. I got some embellishing done. And removed some which I wasn't happy with, mostly on seams between the crazy squares. And then it dawned on me that I don't have to do the same seam treatment the entire length of the square but can break it into smaller bites. Alas, no photos. The camera is on vacation in Israel.

And I did some housework and cooking. OK, pick yourself up off the floor. The shmutz was calling my name. I usually ignore it but today, with the sound of silence, heard it... And the veggies were either going into a vegetarian stew today while still edible or into the compost on Tuesday...

So all in all a productive day. Now I'm going to do something mindless like watch TV before I go to sleep.

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