Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Slip sliding Away

Yesterday we had freezing rain. For those who haven't experienced this, every surface is covered with ice. And yesterday I had a dentist's appointment after work and took the bus home instead of getting a lift with my DS and DBIL (I don't know if those are recognized initials but figure it out). When I got off the bus, I started sliding backwards towards the bus. Anticipating this, the bus driver waited until I had advanced a safe distance before continuing to drive. The one minute walk from the bus to my house took a lot longer as I shuffled along gingerly. And then when I finally reached the approach to the house, an incline. An uphill battle on an icy surface -- not a pretty picture. Fortunately, I made it to the door without any mishaps.

And as consolation, in the mailbox there was a catalogue from Keepsake Quilting! Not that I've every purchased anything from them but I enjoy looking at the colours, combinations, gadgets and get inspired.

Sunday I made another baby fish quilt top. I was going to finish the whole thing, including piecing the batting, but got sidetracked. I did a few more seams on the cq. And since Sunday, I haven't done a stitch (pun intended). Not to say that I haven't been busy creatively -- I had downloaded embroidery stitch diagrams to use and have decided to make a "stitch book" where I keep all of them so I can refer to them from my work table and not have to run to the computer room to consult the on-line diagrams. So I've been cutting and pasting in the non-computer sense.

I also joined the French crazy quilt list. I'd love to go to the exhibit in La Bourboule in the fall. Maybe on the way to Israel. I would love to put forward an entry to the exhibit but I'm not sure my stuff fits their criteria for showing or if it's good enough. But I will not be timid and will look into it. The worst they can say is "no". I'll be crushed but I'll get over it.

Off to work. Hopefully today I'll get back to stitching.

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