Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mission accomplished

So, productive weekend.

I worked on the cq thing. I removed a row of four blocks. The overall proportion of the piece looks better this way. (five rows of four blocks) Maybe I'll do something else with the extra blocks. The embellishing is coming along. I have "finished" seven. "Finished" because I'm sure once I've done all of the blocks, I will revisit them and make adjustments until I'm happy with the overall picture. out.

It was 2 p.m. and I hadn't done anything on the baby fish quilt so I dropped everything and set to work. I joined two pieces of batting. Just butted up the edges and zig-zagged. It looks and works fine. Then I sandwiched and spray basted the quilt. I'm using a flannel backing this time (because that's what I had). So I met my weekend sewing goals.

I find the sandwiching process quite frustrating and aggravating. And that's with baby blanket size quilts. So I am thinking more and more that I will not quilt my lap quilt by myself but rather get someone to quilt it for me. I thoroughly enjoyed making the top, the results are lovely, and I don't want to spoil it by either doing the quilting less well or remembering the quilting experience by the aggravation and frustration attached to finishing it. It may just cause me to rethink the whole sane quilting thing. But this is today and who knows how I'll feel about it tomorrow.

I am invited to Mintzy and Rafi's for dinner and am gearing myself up mentally for the walk there. I'm taking this getting fit thing seriously so am going to walk over instead of being picked up. It's only about a twenty minute walk but that's twenty minutes more than I usually walk. And yesterday I went up and down the stairs in my house. Gotta keep the momentum going.

Menachem returns tomorrow so I'm excited about that. It's nice to be on your own and with your own thoughts, but it's nicer knowing that it's only temporary.

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