Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Baby fish quilt

I finished the wave quilting. What I did was freehand drew two rows of waves onto freezer paper, cut out along the wave lines, ironed the cut out freezer paper onto the quilt and straight sewed along the edges of the freezer paper. After reironing the same freezer paper waves, I had to add pins to hold them in place. Pricked my finger on the pin, got blood on the quilt, panicked, washed out the blood (no traces, thank goodness), decided not to be stingy about using the freezer paper and cut out enough wave strips to use each once only. By the time I did my final waves, I was pretty good at manoeuvering the quilt. And the end result is quite nice.

Now I have to do the binding. I am doing double binding and figured out how to do the strips but am hesitant about starting because, lazy me, I would prefer to do machine binding and am still looking for easy understandable instructions. I may just look for a seasoned quilter to show me how. I'm not very good with following written instructions, hence don't know how to program VCR, DVD, remotes, etc. The VCR, DVD and remotes don't bother me but I would like to learn how to use the digital camera which was originally purchased for my fabric "business" (yet to materialize, excuse the pun) and how to upload the photos. When "my guy" returns from winter camp with the camera, I shall attempt to learn.

I would like to make a label for the back in the form of a fish, maybe freezer paper applique it. I'll see.

So, for Sari and David's chuppah. I was initially quite thrown by the idea of not doing the family fabric crazy quilt. But I already had three previously made panels, the centre panel with the birds in the tree, and two side panels which are white duppioni silk with felt appliqued flowers with the Hebrew letters for the words "mazal" (luck) and "bracha" (blessing) appliqued in the centre of each flower. I had taken the panels apart because I wasn't quite happy with how they were joined. They're very pretty together but there is a large expanse of white fabric on the top two-thirds of the two side panels and I can hear Ruzka's voice saying "fill the page"... I had a thought about maybe beading there but I'm not sure whether on the silk itself or on another fabric overlay, or whether randomly or in a pattern. Like most of my ideas, it has to simmer until I'm (almost) sure I know what I'm doing. And maybe I'll crochet some lace to embellish the two seams between the three panels. So I'm back on track as far as the chuppah goes and will keep you posted.

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