Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sari and David's chuppah.

The photos got put in in the incorrect order, but the tree is the central panel. The tree itself is loosely based on designs by Baillie Scott (c,1896) and Godfrey Blount (c1898). It is felt applique on duppioni silk. The saying underneath the leaves is from the Song of Songs, as is that on the tree trunk -- I know, the lettering on the trunk is not terribly visible.

Here are also my first four "naked" crazy-quilt squares. I envy those who can do CQ freehand -- I am using four different templates. The fabrics are "family" fabrics. The colours don't come out terribly true but there are pieces of my aunt Elsie's, the bride's grandmother, dress (purple and gold and purple lace), a dress (fuschia) of Alissa's, the bride's mother, my sister Bat-Sheva's wedding gown (white with lace trim), my sister Devora's wedding gown (white duppioni silk -- btw, she made her own wedding gown!), two bridesmaid dresses (pink) from my sister, Penina, my cousin Ruthie's wedding gown (white with embroidered silver rimmed flowers) and pieces of my wedding dress (white lacy type fabric).

I intend to "frame" the central panel with the CQ squares, still not sure how yet, and then mount the whole thing onto organza. I also have to figure out how to use the other aunts' gloves but I'm getting excited. Once the naked squres are done, the fun part starts -- decorating them with "family" buttons, beads, jewellery, etc. So any comments or suggestions will be appreciated and considered.

We're going to Mintzy and Rafi's for lunch -- last week they had our leftovers, this week we're having theirs... So I'll sign off now and maybe get one or two squares done before we go.


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