Saturday, December 10, 2005

Encouraging words

The weekend is once again upon us and once again, busy.

I got up early to clean the house a bit before we hosted the Hashomer Hatzair board of directors meeting. Menachem cooked a big pot of vegetable barley soup, a big pot of majadra, a big platter of raw vegetables and dip, and also his famous hazelnut cake. The meeting was called for 11 a.m.

Dee, my quilting guru (and also board chairperson, came early to help me with my quilting. It is my first quilt and Dee has been there with me every step of the way with encouraging words. The top turned out great which I view more as a fluke than talent. And because it turned out so well, I am hesitant to ruin it by quilting it myself. Dee said "pshaw", showed me how to sandwich it, gave me a few tips about machine quilting it and now I just have to buy variegated thread, jump right in and do it!
I also showed her the fabrics I have collected for the three baby carriage quilts I plan to make -- one for each of my children. Nuff said on that subject. I also showed her the fabrics and stuff I've assembled for the crazy quilt chuppah. Hopefully tomorrow I will stop showing and start sewing...

But I also hope tomorrow to get down to a LQS, Quiltmakers, for their final going out of business sale. I will try to keep myself from going crazy buying stash stuff, but I'm not promising anything. We'll see how much self-control I have.

And hopefully tomorrow I'll finally get some photos up.
The board meeting was very productive and enjoyable. Everyone raved about the food but as usual, we made too much and are left with a ton of leftovers so I invited Mintzy and Rafi to come for dinner.

And that's all for now.

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