Saturday, December 24, 2005

Long weekend. Yay!!

I can't say that I'm unhappy about the four day weekend ahead of us. I have several projects to work on and since Menachem will be away at winter camp, I'll probaby stay home, sew and relax.
In order to prepare for the sewing bit, I went to Fabricland to buy some 505 spray which my quilting guru swears by for basting quilt layers. I want to get the layers basted, start and maybe even finish the machine quilting.
While at the store, I saw a lovely fish fabric, black with neon yellow, pink, green, turquoise, etc. fish. Quite a departure from usually staid and conservative colour choices. So I bought a meter of it and three meters of other coordinating colours. I probably wouldn't have made the purchase if fabric wasn't on sale, because I'm trying to be a "fiscally responsible" quilter. Oxymoron? Probably. Anyways, my next door neighbours are expecting their first child and all the IJQ postings about "whipping up" baby quilts have inspired me. It will be a crib quilt with an uncomplicated design.
Or maybe we'll just buy our standard baby gift -- large box of diapers with a bow on top -- and stash the fabric...
I also bought some ribbon for my cq blocks and picked up an idea for crochet embellishments from something I saw. I have also found some lovely internet sites with embellishing designs which I shall shamelessly appropriate.
Sunday evening, we have an "extended" family Chanuka get-together at Shloimeh and Zena's. Brochy and Vernon and family are in town. However, from my family, Menachem will be away, Bat and Sandy are in Cornwall, Penina and family are off either in St. Martin or skiing, Yunkie and family have a prior commitment, so it's just Mom, Devora and Noam. Alissa and Mel should be there with Ethel. Maybe Sari and David, Joanna and Matty. So Noam will be the only child. Kind of a sad Chanuka gathering with only one child and not ours and no soufganiyot but that's life. Menachem made a small batch last night but probably won't make any more this year. Unless we do something when he returns from winter camp, but I doubt it.
Unless there are kids, there's not too much point. Everyone else is counting calories and cholesterol...

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