Saturday, February 18, 2006

Auf simchas first pass finished!

I put the final stitches on the first pass of Auf Simchas. I have now pinned it to the wall a) to take pictures of and post later on, and b) to see which seams need reinforcement, design-wise, where to put buttons, motifs, etc.

I am at the computer briefly because I was looking for a felt finger puppet pattern. We have a baby shower tomorrow for our next door neighbours to whom I already gave the baby fish quilt, but not wanting to go empty-handed, I thought of quickly making finger puppets. My kids used to love the eye doctor's finger puppets. I still don't know how to link in the blog itself to other sites so I'll just tell you that I found a pattern at which I hope to make a little later on today.

I also am tackling the ironing. You know, the men's shirts which have been unironed for months. I tell myself I am doing this because it's time to get the house in order, when in fact, I know that I am stalling on starting the course crazy square.

I am trying to go outside my comfort zone so far as colour choice is concerned. Also, doing the piecing free-hand instead of with a pattern template is outside my comfort zone. And I tend to work as I go along and the course instructions require me to sort of plan and design ahead. So I am stalling. I have cut out the muslin foundations piece and cut, not seriously, my finger on the rotary blade -- not while rolling it but while wiping off the fluff. Note to self -- use a brush to remove the fluff.

Ok. Off to iron. And hopefully piece the course block.

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