Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Course cq block

Well, I wish I was a little less anal but I'm not. So I took a cq template and made it. Pinks and whites. I feel comfortable with it and at my age, I try to do what I feel comfortable with.

I did try to design my own square on paper but didn't quite get what I liked. I do not intend to totally abandon the idea of making my own designs or for that matter, assembling blocks freehand. I just have to do it at my own pace. Look at it and think about it until something clicks. Or not.

I am going through a pink and white phase. Mostly because those are the colours of the family fabrics in my stash. I also have embellishments which complement them.

And apropos embellishments, I went to the Corporations Branch for work again today and on the way back passed by this store. I bought three pairs of earrings -- one silver interlinked hearts, one pink sort of sequins with holes at the top of each sequin, and the third pink shells in various shapes and hues. I know that yesterday I said I was going on a stash diet. But I had a craving.

I'll try to post photos.

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