Sunday, February 05, 2006

Progress Report

The weather here is strange. It has been such a mild winter. The weather report called for a huge snowstorm. It started snowing late afternoon Saturday. But it was very wet rain. When I went to visit my neighbour Rachel for coffee, there was about an inch of slush on the sidewalk and roads. Then the snowstorm was "downgraded" to heavy rain. With temperatures hovering at the zero mark overnight, who knows if we'll find everything covered in a sheet of ice in the morning or just water?
So with weather that miserable, we nest. Stay home, read, watch TV or in my case, stitch. Auf simchas is coming along nicely. I am using the new beads and trying out new stitches and the results, for the most part are pleasing to me.

I got started on my breast cancer block last night mostly by figuring out the size instructions. I have an aversion to reading instructions -- don't know why. But these instructions were very clear. I mapped them out on paper first so I'd have a better idea about what size the block should be. This morning, I will piece it and then figure out how to embellish. I may even take it to the office to work on since there's a bit of a lull there at the moment. It's just that shlepping so many embroidery flosses, ribbons, beads, etc. takes away from the pleasure of doing. I'll have to see.

No great plans for today, Sunday. More stitching, listening to the radio and reading. If the blogger is up (I was unable to blog last night), I'll try to provide another progress report.

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