Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Paths, shmaths

I am taking an online crazy-quilt course. I was quite excited about it but seem to have lost steam. After being unhappy with the freehand blocks I made, I made a templated one which I have chosen to embellish.
From a design perspective, I am supposed to be able to see a path/paths in the block and embellish accordingly. It's a little like that book "magic eye" where you look at a page and it's supposed to have a hidden picture in it. I could never find them either.
I think it boils down to those who see the whole picture in advance and those who plod on until it comes together. I am, apparently, one of the latter.
So because I don't see the path/paths, I'm not sure where to and how much to embroider.
When I start doubting me, that's not a good thing. And perhaps that's why I'm not enjoying the class as much as I thought I would. But, forever the optimist, it could just be a temporary doubting.

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