Thursday, February 23, 2006


Yesterday, I was so excited about the course blocks that I forgot to mention the stuff (professional term) for things my sister gave me. She gave me a belt which had semi-precious stones in greens, blacks, browns and burnt orange hues. The stone were attached to the belt with wires passing through them so I can use them like beads. She also gave me silver, and neon pink and green sequins from ballet costumes she's worn, as well as some red and white synthetic lace-type ribbons and emerald green stoned buttons. And an assortment of pearls from broken bracelets, lost earring pairs, chainless pendants, tie pins, etc. The photo doesn't quite catch the colours and brightness but you get the idea.

And after viewing lesson 2 of the cq class, I mentioned to her that I will "need" threads of varying thicknesses. She's going to check her stash and give me the bits and pieces she can't use. Since she was/is a prolific knitter and needlepointer, I can't wait to see what goodies she brings.

I am embracing the suggestion Sharon B. made of making stitch samplers using varying thicknesses of threads. If I frame the samplers and hang them on the wall in my studio, they will serve both as art and as visual aids.

But after another sleepless night, I'm too tired to stitch anything this evening and will defer active creativity until the weekend.

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