Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sorry, no time to chat, gotta study...

I started my cq class today.

Initially, when I downloaded lesson 1 (41 pages), I was somewhat dismayed. I'm not very good at following written instructions -- too impatient. Just show me how. But the browsing looks promising so I will start reading shortly. It looks like an interesting group -- about 50 participants from all over the world!

I still have two cq squares to finish on Auf Simchas and I want to get a little bit done this evening so I'll have more time to work on the lesson project on the weekend.

Got an email from Kate that she got my breast cancer block and funds (there's a nominal fee which goes towards the cost of assembling the quilts, etc.). Since I didn't have exact change,
she's going to give me raffle tickets for a finished quilt. So, not only do I feel good about doing good, I may get something out of it.

I am thinking about making a small cq piece to donate for a fundraiser that my nieces' and nephews' school is having. Maybe actually using the lesson project for that.

Last night at the Pomegranate Guild we made beaded bookmarks. I wasn't crazy about the colour choice of materials, but I have my own bead stash and think I will make a few.

OK. Final note. My daughter, Inbal, took part in a charity cycling event last year to benefit the Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem. This facility deals in rehabilitation for children with physical challenges. She is planning to participate in the next ride in October 2006 and I hope to be able to support her efforts (each rider is required to raise a minimum of $2,000 US to participate) by making and selling textile works. So if you want or need anything that I can make, let me know.

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