Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Course blocks

Last night I decided to revisit my abandonned brown square. I finished it because it looked so forlorn half done. I found some nice black and brownish red lace which I put over another piece of the brownish red duppioni to the "west" of the five-sider. It doesn't show in the photo but it's nice. I still am not happy with the proportions, particularly the orange and brown pieces just "north" of the five-sider, but, self, I said, get over it. Each of the pieces has a texture -- duppioni silks, nubbed linens, brocade, lace, moire, cotton suede -- so the square is interesting as is. I can't wait to start work on it.

Before I finished the brown, I made this whites and pinks using a template. It is special because almost all of the fabrics are from family sources worn at family occasions. I placed the embellishments I mentioned yesterday randomly on the square so you could see what I was talking about. Now to try to post at the on-line classroom... Oh, I also signed up for on-line tatting instructions so I'm hoping I'll have something new to add to my repertoire.

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Sabrina said...

Love the colors in the brown block! It has sooooooo much in the way of possibilities.

- Sabrina/rlberry in the CQ class

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