Thursday, March 23, 2006


On the way home from work yesterday, I went to the dollar store to buy some gift bags. I was also looking for a new transparent shower curtain and laundry bags. When I need a dollar store, there are two equal-distanced from my office. One is in the mini-mall with the cheap jewellry I sometimes buy for cq. The other is in the mini-mall where the Fabricland store is located. I went to the Fabricland one. So I found my gift bags (I tend to buy gift bags rather than wrapping paper because the bags usually get reused a few times whereas the wrapping paper, unless the recipient is particularly crafty, ends up in the garbage), no shower curtain or laundry bags, and some red flower shaped rather large sequins, suitable for my class block.

I cannot pass by Fabricland without going in. As I enter, there's a big basket with button cards: $1 for 10 button cards. Who can resist? They had pearl white, off-white, moss green, red, orangey-brown -- remind anyone of the colours of my class block? So I bought 20 cards. I also found some trim I liked.

This morning, I did a little auditioning for my block. The colours are great but after I place them, I feel like the block may seem a little overcrowded. I will place them, photograph and upload to ask for opinions from my joggles teacher and classmates.

I was at the doctor's office for my annual physical today. It went well. She sent me for the usual tests -- bloodwork, mammo, pelvic ultrasound, bone density. I am always healthy until the results come in...

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