Sunday, March 19, 2006

Home stretch?

Well, it kind of feels like this block is drawing to an end. I searched my button box and really didn't have anything suitable for a cluster. I used one pearl-like button and a lot of pearl-like beads and I kind of like the result, even though the button looks somewhat forlorn by itself.
But I used real pearls on the green trim. And used a few findings: the birds and the chamsot.
I was having trouble visualizing the finished square so I "framed" it with the burgundy/red trim. I now see that the embroidery on the brown bottom right corner is off kilter. I think I'll pick out the stitches and do something else there.
And then a bead here, a bead there but I think I'm pretty much finished.
Anyways, from a leisurely weekend with no plans, we've had a busy weekend. Yesterday I went with Mintzy to Cayne's and we got a shower gift for Yoni and Julia. Actually a few gifts. We took several small items from the gift registry. Menachem went to Home Depot to buy some stuff so we can paint the kitchen ceiling. In the afternoon, the cable guys came to fix the internet wire. Then Devora came for a visit.
Today, we were invited to Eddie and Nafisa's (next door neighbours) for brunch. Then in the afternoon we were invited to Rafi and Mintzy's for dessert in honour of Rafi's birthday. This evening Menachem has a meeting with Chaim L. to go over the camp budget. I'm not sure if I'm invited or if I am, if I'm going. We'll see.
And the phone may ring any minute with an invite for coffee at Rachel's who called earlier. She was in Cuba over March break and wants to shmooze.
That's about it for today.

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