Friday, March 10, 2006

Report on cultural activities

So yesterday evening, Rafi and Mintzy picked us up and we went downtown for dinner and theatre. The Chinese restaurant was fine -- we ordered a few dishes, some meat, some veggie -- not amazing but tasty and filling.

"The Arab-Israeli Cookbook" was an interesting play. It was based on interviews with people in Israel, both Jewish and Arab, the West Bank and Gaza. The common denominator was food. The six actors played a variety of parts, cooking on stage as they did. It wasn't a brilliant play but the premise was interesting and it certainly was thought-provoking.

And a little too long in uncomfortable chairs. The four of us came out kvetching (complaining) about aches and pains as a result of the seating. Either the seats really were bad or we're just getting older and crankier.

I am declaring a moratorium on "culture" for a while. Mindless TV at home will have to suffice.

I came home from work and re-arranged my studio. I haven't finished yet but the major bits are moved and I just have to organize the mess on the tables. I pull out the beads and threads and trims but don't put them right back into their "homes". Result -- mess. So I will attempt to straighten that out before I start stitching.

Also, the bathroom remodel is finished and I have to do some heavy-duty cleaning in there and while I'm at it, the other upstairs rooms.

I've been looking for silk ribbon for SRE and there's less and less of it available in town. I either have to go back to the place I went last weekend, north of Highway 7, or go downtown to Queen Street to Mokuba. I'm thinging maybe Mokuba because then I can hit Arton beads, the trim stores, Chinatown, etc. But then I'm thinking maybe north is better because then I can't hit Arton beads, the trim stores, Chinatown, etc....

Anyways, I have an idea for using ultrasuede on my class block. I'm thinking of a papercut design and I have to figure out how to cut it and how to attach it. My challenge for this evening. I'll let you know if it works out.

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