Sunday, March 05, 2006

In the meantime

So this is where I am with my class project. I started with the squiggly line at the right centre. It kind of overpowers the whole thing. But I just started on my silk ribbon embroidery and hope that when the spray are done, they will balance out the picture a little. The purple silk ribbon laying across the hoop isn't attached and there's another thing of SR lying on top yet to be used. My mantra in life is "the big picture" and I'm hoping that it will turn out alright in the end.

Menachem is finishing up the painting in the upstairs bathroom. Once that's done, the new tiles have to be sealed, the sink drain replaced, a new shower curtain purchased and hopefully, we will be able to stop running two flights downstairs to shower.

When Menachem finished painting, we're going to an art exhibit at the Adath Israel synagogue, a benefit for Alanna, Jeremy, Michelle's and Noam's school. I doubt if I'll be doing any heavy duty purchasing but Alanna has a table selling beaded jewellry she made and I'd like to support her efforts. I'd also like to get to Chapters to buy books for Noam and Jeremy's birthdays. And I might even buy myself a cq or embroidery book.

Yesterday afternoon, we popped up to a the thread store north of Hwy 7. The place does mostly needlepoint -- they sell printed needlepoint canvas, wools, threads, etc. I went specifically for silk ribbon but didn't like what they had so I bought some DMC cottons and velvet threads. All, of course, in pinks and purples. I guess I'm kind of stuck in a colour warp. I may introduce some blues and yellows, but I'm not sure yet. It was a stretch for me to use the greens.

Last night, we went with Miriam L. to see a Hebrew play called "Wife, Husband, Home" at the Bloor JCC. I initially purchased the tickets to support the efforts of a friend (Tami, Elliot B.'s wife) who brought the play from Montreal to Toronto. I wasn't expecting a lot becauses the actors were amateur and the budget low key. However, most of the acting was very good and the play itself was excellent. Many layered and the kind of play you keep thinking about after it's over.

On Thursday evening, we're going with Rafi and Mintzy to see another play, this time in English, called "The Israeli-Arabic Cookbook". So much Culture in such a short period of time... When we moved from the farm to the city, I swore we'd be able to chose the plays and concerts we went to (on the farm, we went to see whatever the local municipality brought in). Ha ha. In the Canadian winter, culture shmulture -- we prefer to stay home in front of the TV.


Jo in NZ said...

I don't think the seam is overpowering at all.
I'm watching with interest...

Chloe said...

Well, I for one think the block is looking really good already!

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