Saturday, March 11, 2006


So I got most of what I had planned done.
The upstairs bathroom is ready for use. Still need to purchase a few things but the shower curtain's up and the room's been cleaned.
I also did the bedroom and the studio -- it still needs to be organized a little more. Didn't get to the computer room and don't know where to start. It's pretty much the catch-all room of the house.

After lunch, I had Menachem drop me off at Needleart (north of Highway 7 won). I picked up some lovely stuff in the browns, rusts, golds -- some thick DMC thread, some velvet thread, and some synthetic ribbony stuff.

I walked home. This is a considerable distance (for me) so I am quite pleased with myself. And the weather was gorgeous -- 10 degrees and sunny. I stopped off at Mintzy's to gloat about my purchases and exercise...

Once home, I tackled the class block. Where I had two parallel seams, I covered one seam with a pied shaped piece of rust ultrasuede which changed the seam alignment. Then I embellished the new seams. Am pleased with the result. I didn't start on the SRE yet -- still trying to decide the spray design and the kind of flowers. I have a lovely 7 mm. gold silk which lends itself to daisies, I think. And all the other threads and silks for assorted rose-type flowers and other blooms. Tomorrow.

And I'm wondering how does one make silk ribbon? Is it simply strips, bias cut or what? There's just so many internet sites for dyeing silk ribbon but I haven't come across cutting it yet. I mean, I never need more than 12" strips at a time anyways. Just a thought.

And off to bed. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow after I've stitched.

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