Monday, March 06, 2006


So this morning I posted a photo of where I am, course block-wise. I have received positive feedback which is always nice. Also, by posting the block, I can "see" it differently than when it's lying on the table in front of me. Still can't see any paths, but...

I was just at the library and borrowed three books: Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll, Embroidered Treasures for Silk Ribbon by Helen Dafter, and Bullion Stitch Embroidery by Jenny Bradford.

I am determined to learn tatting. I would prefer to have someone show me but I have a shuttle and may just try it myself. I can crochet and maybe I'll just practise getting better at that.

The embroidery books look interesting. I'm hesitant to purchase any books until I'm sure it's a good book I will refer to often. There's so much stuff on the internet but that means doing my needlework in front of a computer screen.

Anyways, no stitching this evening. We're babysitting for Alon.


Carmit said...

Tatting sounds...dirty :).


p.s. - Should I know who Alon is?

Anonymous said...

Shucks, she beat me to it.

Happy Birthday Ima!!!!

Remember you are not getting older you are getting much much better!

Love and miss you,


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