Friday, March 17, 2006

Slow day at the salt mines

Things are slow at the office today so I have time to post.

I am looking forward to a lazy weekend. Other than leisurely stitching, there are no plans. I should try to walk to increase my exercising. But if it's cold and windy, forget it. I'm not a martyr.

Yesterday I took a break during work and went with Menachem and Alissa to the shul where Sari is getting married to measure the chuppah frame. It is 72" X 72". I know the width of my three panels is about 62" so I will have to insert two additional panels between them to fit the width. Lengthwise, I haven't measured. I'm pretty sure I have the 72" but if not, I'll do the same thing -- add panels at the top and the bottom. I'm thinking of maybe doing colourful dupionni silk squares. I'll have to think about it. Anyways, now that I have the measurements, I can put it together.

I also have one more week of my online class. Once I finish the class block, I want to frame it. And then I want to go back to Auf Simchas and continue embellishing.

I am also thinking about taking another online course at joggles. It's fabric collage and it's not being offered right now but maybe I will invite someone to take it with me. It's more fun when you're sharing it with someone. Any takers?

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