Saturday, March 25, 2006

Quilt show

I wasn't planning to do much today. (Not true, I was planning to clean the kitchen cupboards, ha ha.) Some stitching and that's it.
So that's what I did this morning. I took out one embroidered seam that I wasn't happy with and replaced it with another which I like. Besides, I noticed that I don't have that many embroidered seams and that most of my treatments are trims. (Note to self for next time--more embroidered seams).
Then I remembered that the Etobicoke Quilter's Guild was having a quilt show and my mother wanted to see it. So I called her and my sister, Devora, and Menachem took us. (I have the most supportive DH). Well, it certainly was time well spent. There were some lovely quilts, all sane and mostly traditional but there were a few quilters who drew outside the lines using interesting techniques and embellishments, though no where near the embellished cq I'm in love with.
There was also "stuff for sale" -- either recycled stuff (buttons, lace, hankies, etc.) or new (fabrics, threads, beads, etc.).
And in spite of my alleged craft supply diet, I picked up some unusual buttons, some lace and some beads. I also picked up some free ideas... And my mother told me that she has some cq-type fabrics for me -- embroidered tablecloths with either holes or stains that would be perfect for cutting up. So all in all, the quilt show was quite enjoyable.
And Menachem and I were discussing the sane quilting thing when we got home and it turns out he may be interested in taking up machine quilting, not the piecing and sewing the tops, but sewing the sandwich. And that's the part I don't feel comfortable with. So we may just have an additional marriage made in heaven.
I came home inspired and did some stitching. I did one cluster which turned out so so and used another button for a button/bead combination. I literally cannot sew on buttons. They're always loose. And I must reread how to do the clusters in the course notes because no matter how many variations I lay out, they just don't look right.
Anyways, I am almost finished and will do the final touches tomorrow and then post a photo.
In the afternoon, Mintzy and I are invited to a wedding shower where other than the hostess and her sister, we don't know anyone... But Mintzy's not shy so it should be fun.

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